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Address Pittem:
Brugsesteenweg 201
8740 Pittem
Phone: 051/545575
Fax: 051/467925

Address Izegem:
Roeselaarsestraat 489
8870 Izegem
Phone: 051/300440
Fax: 051/300990

VAT: BE0447077057
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14 march 1987

Multi Bazar gets founded by Dirk Moyaert and Nicole Obin in Pittem.


A warehouse gets build in Pittem to be able to organize the purchases. This way Multi Bazar is able to respond better to the wants and needs of the customer by having a bigger stock.


The building next to Multi Bazar is bought. This way the shop expanded significantly, after the two buildings got connected. The complete DIY-department is located in this new part. It doesn’t take long before the total product range has over 100 000 products.


Veronique Moyaert, daughter of the founders, joins her parents in the business. She takes over the reigns of the Baby and Office-departments.


Liesbeth Moyaert, daughter of the founders, joins her parents and sister in the business. She makes sure that the textile-department gets a complete new look.

18 march 2006

Multi Bazar opens her second shop, located in Izegem. The product range of this shop is mirrored with the one in Pittem.


Alexander Moyaert, son of the founders, joins his parents and sisters in the business. He helps his father with the DIY-department and rearranges the shop in Pittem.


A new warehouse gets build in Izegem. Multi Bazar hopes that the extra space gives them the ability to optimize their purchase-strategy. This way Multi Bazar can guarantee their costumers a low price.


Multi Bazar Izegem gets expanded. The expansion gives the customer the best possible shopping-experience by having bigger shopping aisles.


Launch of completely renewed webshop. From now on it will also be easier to shop via smartphone, because the webshop has been made fully responsive.


After Izegem, Pittem follows with a completely renewed warehouse. In 2019, Multi Bazar will also come out with a completely new corporate identity.