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Adres Geeraardsbergen: Alstsesteenweg 255
9506 Geeraardsbergen
Phone: 054/501682
Fax: 054/502560
BTW/TVA: BE0436512470

Adres Lebbeke:
Baasrodestraat 2-4
9280 Lebbeke
Phone: 052/415341
Fax: 052/412659
BTW/TVA: BE0455171807

Contactpersonen: Dirk Van Der Schueren

Van Der Schueren

Around 1957 Gerard Lion started selling Porsche Algaier tractors. After Porsche went bankrupt, he switched to the sale of Zetor.

In 1968, Jose Van Der Schueren and Magda Lion joined the company. After ~ 18 years as a Zetor distributor, Jose Van Der Schueren and Magda Lion switched to Fiat.

In 1985 a switch to selling DIY equipment began - under the encouragement of son Dirk. First a few bones, farm supplies, etc. To the extensive range of more than 100,000 different types of articles that you can now find in the shop.

The first large retail building was built in 1990. In 1995 Jose and Magda stopped using Fiat tractors and all focus was placed on retail.

In 1996, Dirk Van Der Schueren started the second Van Der Schueren branch in Lebbeke.

On November 1, 2016, the eldest of Dirk's 3 sons - Matthias Van Der Schueren joined the business.